Advanced Technology

App-Controlled Tuning

RAWRR Mantis is the only brand in the market that offers controller adjustments through an app. Our app's features will continuously be advanced. In the Mini Mantis for kids, parents and users can control the bike's maximum power, starting with the simplest mode for training and gradually increasing until their skills warrant a full-power mode. The Mantis app will provide hundreds of adjustable riding mode combinations, allowing users to customize their favorite riding mode according to personal preferences and riding conditions.

Swappable Battery

The RAWRR Mantis battery can be removed and replaced with another in less than 30 second. One battery can be charging while another is being used for riding.

Over-the-Air Software Updates

Our app will continuously receive updates and be compatible with all future models.

Reverse System

RAWRR Mantis is the only brand in the e-Moto category that offers a reverse system, which can help riders move their motorcycle around or get out of tough, technical situations off-road.